Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bakhoor in the Haram

Gold Carousel Design Mabkhara
Gold Carousel Design Mabkhara
The Haram (Sacred Sanctuary in Makkah) is one of those places that a person never forgets.  Memories of the sights, sounds and smells experienced there become etched in the mind forever.   Many of those who return from their trip to Makkah or Madinah are instantly taken back whenever they encounter a scent that vaguely reminds them of either of these sanctuaries.  

Bakhoor/incense is burned in the Haram which perfumes the air with a glorious aroma that becomes linked with time spent there.  Bakhoor is also used to perfume clothes as you can see the Imam of the Masjid doing in this video:

Try out the variety of bakhoor/incense that Attar Mist has to offer.  You will find everything you need to get started from a mabkhara (incense burner), bakhoor, and charcoal discsComplete sets are also available as gifts for anyone who enjoys the fragrance of bakhoor.


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